Starfinder Armory?!

The long awaited Starfinder Armory released for game stores last week, and it has some pretty awesome additions for your space-faring adventurers. Consisting of only two chapters, this supplemental equipment book has some perfect variants of weaponry and class options for you to chose from.

The first chapter covers all of your equipment needs, new weapons (Including my personal favorite, the Shout Projector), new mods, new armors both mundane and powered, new vehicles, quite a few implants and drugs and other magic items and equipment. Overall, the new weaponry feels balanced and well thought out. The new vehicles add more modes of transport for more exotic planets. The weaponry opens up some interesting ideas for characters involved in ranged combat and includes many varied damage types.

The second chapter covers a variety of class options for each class and the new Augmented class archetype. The class options are interesting to say the least and I feel they require a thorough amount of testing (Or rather, breaking). The Augmented archetype can be placed on what seems to be any class and can turn your character into a really neat cyborg. This chapter is the fun one in my opinion, as it offers a TON of variety that wasn't seen before in Starfinder.

Interestingly, what WASN'T included is almost as important as what was, as starship features weren't included. This leads me to believe that a starship book is in the works and should be coming soon! Stay tuned with us for more updates as we hear them for the Starfinder series.

-Matt Aarons